INTES training

Experiences of countries that have applied an INTES assessment show that the integrity assessment reports can be a powerful analytical and prevention tool, particularly useful in guiding follow-up activities. Still, the true value of an INTES report is determined by the amount of real, positive change that its recommendations bring about.

An integrity assessment of education is meant to provide recommendations in all major areas of national education policy. The suggestions for action provided by an INTES report would therefore typically concern all professional and stakeholder groups participating in the education system.

The effectiveness of measures suggested in an INTES assessment depends on a concerted effort by all involved, in the same way good quality education calls for a contribution by everyone involved. However, different recommendations are of relevance for different groups of education participants. Before those concerned can develop understanding of (and ownership over) actions to improve integrity and become committed agents of change, they need guidance on how integrity matters, and what their role is in preventing corruption in practice.

We are therefore engaging in training programmess tailored to the context and anticipated responsibilities of different groups of education participants for integrity: administrators, teachers and lecturers, parents and students. The workshops usually present dissemination packages that consist of capacity building and thematic components, and draw on the findings of INTES assessments.

This capacity building component is devoted to the INTES methodology and allows participants to raise their capacity to identify and deal with corruption risks in their professional routine. The thematic part allows them to get familiarised with a digest of findings and recommendations of relevance to their role in the education system, and outline the way ahead which might include interventions at any level of the education system.

Information on recent or ongoing training can be found in the news stream of the Center.

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