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The Center for Applied Policy and Integrity mobilises an extensive network of experts, supporters and stakeholders to identify, describe and address the root causes of integrity problems in the public sector with a specific, but non-exclusive focus on the integrity of education systems. The Center mobilises data and policy analysis to empower participants and stakeholders in public sector decisions with evidence and insight on how to address the causes for integrity problems, and restore trust in public institutions and their integrity. The overall purpose of these efforts is to determine how best to strengthen the resilience of the public sector and its stakeholders against problematic conduct and corruption.

The Center has three strands of work in education:

Integrity assessments

Experts affiliated with our Center have developed a methodology for assessing the integrity of education systems, known under the name of INTES. INTES helps a growing number of countries address the demand side of corruption by identifying shortcomings in education policy and practice that supply education participants with incentives and opportunities to engage in misconduct.

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Integrity research

The INTES assessments deliver country-specific findings on corruption and education, but they also suggest that there are significant and unexplored commonalities between the integrity violations in different countries. With this strand of research work we aim at summarising and analysing these commonalities as basis for the formulation of evidence-based, cross-country standards of integrity in education.

Themes in focus of INTES research include also academic capture – a for-profit affiliation of government officials with public universities, and integrity of inclusive education.

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Integrity training

We are engaging in training programmes tailored to the context and anticipated responsibilities of different groups of education participants for integrity: administrators, teachers and lecturers, parents and students. The workshops usually present dissemination packages that consist of capacity building and thematic components, and draw on the findings of INTES assessments.

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